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Der Tourbericht ist auf "benglisch"

das ist die Abkürzung für

bad english

oder in diesem Fall bavarian english

This tourreport is written in benglish

=bad english

it´s an international variation of english

in this case it is bavarian english=benglish!

for more questions about the new languages of benglish ask die.jennie at mushroom magazine!


Short review of the summer 1999
After a trip through greece there were the first playgrounds at the BarraX, that consisted not only of doing music together but also to juggle and play devilsticks. This things are easy to learn if you play it to electronic music like trance,trip hop ect and it s a nice experience of selfempowerment.
In Winter we left the BarraX and did a playground happening in Signalwerk in Mainz, it was a real Massker of Acid grooves and RocknRoll, everybody could play everything.
In March we played in Thessalonik and showed some nice people how do acid with the 303 .For this experience they got the rest of their free acid crew stickers,that were brought to germany and distributed on psytranceparties all over Germany. Fight for your right to party!

During the war there was a contact to Belgrad, Zagreb and Pula by the internet and the idea grow to do a tour to the southeast of Europe to get connected with cool people of the underground .
Before we went to the north to play the Fusion,the Voov, Return to the source,Klangweltenfestival,Soma solaris at the border to bavaria to party with the drunken farmers,and to help the left sisters of hedonism doing their first party in Frankfurt. On this weekend trips we met a lot of people and learned a lot about different ways of celebrating and doing parties.
After some organization stress(Visapolitics ect) we started the tour to the south in August with Marc´s bus who came one week before to visit the BarraX (the bus burnt down there in november ) and with Ravivs Goa GTI.
We played on a party in Saarbrücken and enjoyed and recorded the eclipse,while most of the people in germany were waiting in the rain or standing on the autobahn.
There Uwe from the north joined our journey and we left towards hungary because we wanted to meet some people at the big solipse party in Ozora. But before we had to get through Bavaria which can be really dangerous, if you look different and speak no bavarian german. There the bus broke down because it was overloaded and the car- crew was waiting in Altötting a famous Bavarian pilgrims place. Maria the godess helped: after 12 Hours the car was repaired. During that time Conni und Raviv only had one police control in the morning while sleeping on a field, and an interesting rest in Braunau, the town where adolf Hitler was born. In the evening we could leave this place and drove towards Budapest where we spent a night on the sziget(island)in the Donau, to think of Conni´s first party experience three years ago.
Because of problems with DJ goavivs handy the contact between bus and car broke, so the car crew decided to got directly to Ozora while the bus- crew went to the Plattensee to do some street shows and earn petrolmoney.
There we could learn how to do gold out of shit. The selforganization ruled and the people saved the party by being the party and doing the best shows.
We met lots of friends and they told us that they had played our first selfproduced piece of music on the dancefloor on thursday night This honour was a little help for accepting the fact that we had lost our playground bus,our people, our equippment and clothes, which finally came monday morning to Ozora.
We were really happy, and left and entered the afterhour,(thanx Zippel) which was set near a lake ,not only on the flyer...
There we met many people who had still not enough from the oneweekraving or who want to relax...
We met Jacov and his girlfriend from Belgrad who we had contacted by email and who had not met at the Voov (Visa nd politics..!) and again the Bus from london full of crazy freaks, who had helped us with electricity at the Voov and with dream creation in general...
It was alittle bit confusing when during the night a thunderstorm blow away the complete ambientcircus tent(impreessing show..)and set our homebase under water, so we had to flee into the tippitent of really nice people from austria, who do a lots of great music.(thanx to Scheibosan, Andre and friends) It took us three days of sun and partying until we had been dried again.
After the last night of drugs, sex´n, Acid Trance, two players (hi Magalie! Ischai where are you now?) decided to go to the rainbow to relax, while the rest of the crew went to the coast of Croatia to meet the Chillenium Barraxboys who already had found a lot of girlfriends in Pula. There we should play a wild free rave, organized by Marino and his crew.

It was a nice place near the stony beach with an old destroyed house on it. We did fireplaying all over the night while outside the security had to protect the live-act from mediteranean ravers who were alittle bit to passionate in showing their affection. There were many nice people not only from Croatia, but also Slovenia,Serbia and Italy, doing fire and music and giving love and inspiration. We also recorded the great Afterbustersfuturebeat.
In this wild night we lost our springboard that was the dancefloor- partyfun number one all over the summer. (later this should cost Connis job at university, where it came from )
The last time it was seen in the morning in the hands of a little boy, but is not sure..who ever took it for privat use, we wish you the best and learn a lot..

After the party we spent some days in the old broken partyhouse,our "playground castle", learnt firespitting and dancing on the street and conduced old and young people on the beach to play devilsticks.
It started to get really relaxing and holiday-like,but unfortunately four people had to leave because the had obligations in Germany concerning general and privat love, live-acts and shows and studiies at university...
The hard travellersection stayed some more weeks in the south, got arrested for sleeping at the beach and found the michael barrax of Jubiljana, called Metelkova. They stayed with the freaks, the punx and the one night tribe and also met the Leningrad Cowboys,who burnt their hair by spitting fire.

In the end of September they came back to the Michael Barrax right in time to be part of an psychedelic technoid improvisation of the Acid Rocknroll Massaker with Mani Neumaier our Krautrocknrollfather.
Now there are already the demolition excavators waiting in front of the place to come in and to tear down our houses. So lets celebrate the Appokalypse 2000!

On helloween 99 our Compilation was released,a documentation about life and music on the barrax and the playground summertour .
We did juggling workshops in November and the SoliParty for the Sonics Cybertribes network in the Signalwerk.
We played together in kitchen and dancefloor and met nice peoples,doing trancedanceworkshops writing, doing music. The travellers leave now towards northafrica and the rest stays to get rich and famous and buy the michael barrax or find a new place.
We are also going to cut a film and do an exhibition at the center of learnresearch of the university in Frankfurt, to give science the chance to learn about learning and participate to the revolutionary learning processes and wonders on the playground.

Kunst ist wenn man´s nicht kann,
wenn man´s kann ist´s keine Kunst!

(aus einer Werbung für bildende Künste an einer Busstation in Frankfurt Rödelheim)

Apokalypse 2000 in Michael Barrax
Be your own life-act
The Playground is a multicultural project where people from all over the world are involved, who met at the Michael Barrax in Frankfurt/Main Germany, a space, that in former times was used by French,German and American military. When the Army left in 1990, 70 peoples from 13 different countries found their ways to this place to learn how to live and work together in a peacefull way. But this is not so easy....

The playground exists since 1999 and tries to animate to own creative activities instead of passive consumption, to play togehther and learn from each other.
The motto is Be your own live-act and and we are playing with fire,flowerdevilsticks,electronic and acoustic music, ritual decoration, mascs, performance and therefore also with thoughts,words,feelings, lifestyles roles,....
A playground can create great moments of love,togetherness, inspiration power,and fun, but for this it is also necessary to learn how to handle chaos, hard
For understanding and working together it is important to be able and willing to share the fun and ,adventure of selfdetection and different kind of knowledge and views to use the creative potential that´s inside of the human diference.

The idea was born out o the experience of living together on the barrax and sharing the most wunderfull place in Frankfurt with many different people, that arenot more crazy as society outside,but maybe a little bit more sensitive. In a way the village of Michael Barrax is like the world and the world should learn how to survive together .This only is possible if it is happening in love,openess and understanding and not against each other.. The different his/herstories, attitudes and ways of thinking and living (students,travellers,musicians, out of work..) that come together here, are an inspiration and a way to learn and understand each other.
The playground project is selforganized and open to people who are interested in selforganization,cooperation and exchange.

The playground as project tries to animate and to create rooms where people can get active, creative and experience themselves.
Everybody can learn everything,but unfortunately most of us have given up their potential of learning and forget how to learn,develope and grow.
As reality in Frankfurt is quite hard we need to play with the forces that want to destroy our community and to believe in oursellves, in our ideas, dreams and visions and working for it in contrast to consume, get addicted and dependant. Instead of looking TV, we are our own TV-Stars and are active producers of our own films.
Live your dreams ,use your illusions this is what the bad rockn roll guys of the 80ies told us, we have 1999 now and are sure to say,everybody is famous for something you just have to find out Therefore we want to create free space without pressure and fear.
Lets get active and create our own reality 2000, a reality thats worth to live.

In summer 99 we visited many festivals and Psytranceparties in Germany and we also did a tour to Hungary,Croatia,Slovenia and Italy.
This experience has been burnt on the first playground compilationwhich is a modern fairytale about chaos,love, sex, crime politics and music. It describes life on tour and doing music together on parties and streets to develope a language, that is multicultural, which everybody can understand...
In the same time it ´s a documentation about how to live in a tribe full of crazy and different people and how to create fun and hope in a town, where money and big business rules more than social relationships...
In February 29 2000 the new investors came with big police,they through out the people of two houses and destroyed them the same day, to prevent that they get squatted again.
The new investors,which are supported by the city of Frankfurt are going to destroy also another two houses this month.
There are still around 60 peoples and 5 houses left and we are fighting for the right to stay here as an international meeting point of cultural exchange.
Rave against the machine!