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For (integrative) schoolclasses&teachers, for youthcentres, afterwork party, oldpeoples home, holiday parcnts, children holiday camps

“Juggling is supporting the abilities of concentration & koordination, feeling of rhythm, psychomotoric, right-left koordination, synchronisation between right and left brainside. It´s causing a meditative state of consciousness, mental relaxation and flow experience and happiness, which is activating the individual resources and strenghtening the whole personality.
Pois and Staff move the whole body, they are good for fitness training and usefull in varied places such as
Kindergartens, Sports, Youthwork, work with disabled people, Dance Pedagogy , therapy and rehabilitation.”

How we are working
The participants are learning to juggle with Balls, Flowersticks, Pois and Staff. At the beginning we present a juggling show, where the different juggling toys get introduced to the participants, during the workshops we are also showing films and clips out of the internet for inspiration and learning.

A Juggling Playground exists out of different playstations, where the participants can play with one of the instruments, during one workshop the instruments can get changed. There is a playground animator who is teaching the tricks, but also let the particpants explore their own moves.

It´s also good to have a room with no day-light for rehearsal, so participants have the possibility, to experiment with floureszent lights and instruments. This is especially interesting for participants with special abilities! because simple moves can have big effects. Also they can experiment with bodypainting and play black theatre. Along with juggling and performing the participants are learning how to construct the juggling toys by themselves.

Depending on age and ability the participants also can learn how to play with fire in the second half of the course.
The aim of the project is to work out a group performance, which can be presented in the end of the project, for example at a school summer fest.

We are offering
intensive courses: daily trainings for example in holidays, weekends
extensiv courses: 2 hours once or twice a week, for one or two semesters.

Children Holiday Camps
We are offering Playgrounds

-for kids and youth from poor, social weak families
- wartraumatized children/youth and children
-people with special abilities.
- bringing kids together out of different regions&countries- different classes of society-kids living or working on the streets.

other workshops :
We also are offering painting and papercutting workshops, music-workshops with electronic and acoustic instruments.

One main issue in our association is especially the work with kids /youth out of the balkan region. We can offer courses in english, albanian, serbo-croatian and italian, the main language nevertheless is the own body and learning from watching a model.
About projects/workshops of the playground in Mazedonia and Kosova (cooperation with Balkan Sunflowers) take a look at the pictures or click here.

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Pictures from Kosov@ Tour 2005


Playground Village

We are looking for space to set up a playground village. A place to stay, to do holidays to do youth-projects, artistscamp, conferences.
We can participate in already
existing projects/camps, but also we are looking for a nice place on the countryside or close to the sea, to organize children or youthcamps But we are also open towards spaces in the cities, to do juggling playgrounds in youthcentres or in the park.


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