The Playground Circus is Coming!

We are planing a circus project for social disadvantaged children in April 2018 in Rhodes/Greece.
For this we are looking for financial support!

What is it about?
We are going to make a great circus show starring multicultural children.
Together we will try out a variety of circus arts: juggling, acrobatics, clown, mime, dance and equilibrium. Each participant can freely choose their favourite(s) to explore during the week-long event. Using their ideas and fantasy, we will create circus numbers for the big show at the end of the week. We will make props and costumes, choose music for the show, and build together the circus “tent” where the performance will happen.

Where and When?
Old Town of Rhodes, Greece – 9-14 April, 2018

Who is it for?
Our artists for the week will be the young people living on the island from ages 8-15. These children will be chosen from different groups – refugee, gypsy, handicapped, and underprivileged Greeks. The idea is to give a chance to those who normally would not be able to participate in a project like this and to unite the different cultures living in the same place.

We made a similar project in Frankfurt this July with German and refugee children and it was wonderful. You can see a little of it here in our documentation video . This year we have decided to make a project in Greece, where some of us are living as residents.
As we know Greece has been hit in the last years by two crises - financial and refugee.  Of the 193.000 people living in Rhodes, 30.000 registered people are not able to feed themselves. The state is not able to provide food for them and thanks to churches who make breakfast and lunch for the children, and a program in the supermarkets where private people can donate food and people in need can pick up 5 packs of pasta or 5 cans of beans to cook at home, the people in need can still eat and survive.
But life is more than surviving. We need not only food and drink and blankets, but also art, entertainment and creativity as well as positive social interaction to be whole.

Circumstances have brought different cultures and religions to this island and they must learn to live together.  A project like this can be a great chance to learn and play side by side while the borders of race, religion, social background and personal limitations can fade away.

What we need from you!
We already have full logistical and personal support from City of Rhodes, the department of Education, the volunteer association, the refugee center, the handicapped school and the local Gypsy Camp.
They welcome this project with open arms but are not able to finance it.
They told us the society really needs this in these difficult times and something like this has never been done in Greece before.
This is a people to people project and we need you to make it happen. Most of our work will happen on a volunteer/non profit base, but we will need money for flight tickets and other travelling expenses for trainers, material, catering and insurance.
Let’s be human and give some joy together.

Who are we?
The Playground Association was founded in Frankfurt in 2001 by a collective of artists, travellers and students, involved in juggling, music, streearts and social work. The first years (1999-2006) we mainly were active in former Yugoslavian countries organizing/participating in multiethnical/no border projects & festivals. Since 2005 we also work in Frankfurt, making music, juggling, arts and animation projects in schools, kindergardens and local refugee camps.

Greetings from the Playground Collective & Association

Frankfurt Playground Circus Week