Playground Productions


Wunderbare Electrofrau
wonderfull electro woman

New Lava 303 Album

19 Tracks and Session 32,
page booklet with pictures and texts

special guests the Slags, Miss Moon, Mani Neumeier,Queer Belgrad, Crossing Bridges...

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Babyblues Sessions 1-4

Recorded for Leoni-Morganas Birth

4 Live Sessions 12-16 Minutes with 2 MC 303 and E-Guitar

limited edition






1a) Kosov@ Jams live aus Peje 2002

Jams, Sessions, Remixe out of Crossing Bridges experience
The idea to cross bridges and create a fusion sound and fusion compilation, most of the tracks recorded at Cinema sessions during Crossing Bridges Festival 2, mixed by Pawel&Conni in Sophia

with Samodelia,Töchtern aus gutem Hause (dutifull daughters), Lava303, PorNo, Blla Blla Blla, Babuka, gilr MC and singers with no name taking over the microphone, albanian Folkloregroups from Giljan, singer from Rugova Ensemble, plus Sessions with Casey CooperJohnson crossing bridges from California and Mescla playing balkan sound in Napoli!


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1b) Lava303: Acid Rock n Roll Stories
Techno for Rockfans!

modern electronic Dancemusic with psychedelic Electro-guitar

Orginal samples from Crossing Bridges &Balkan Sunflowers Childrencamp, gipsy girls selling jewellery at the beach in Goa, from jungle book, grandmother´s Astrology tape, Baby laughing, Sessions at the beach in Albania!

special guests: Mescla, Casey Cooper Johnson, Suhana,Urban FM ,PorNOwith 12 page booklet, a bedroomproduction by Conny Maly aka Lava 303, Mixed @ Steve Dragon Studio.

more about acidrocknroll stories!
infos, pictures, films, stories, freemp3




Life is a struggle if you cannot juggle!
Documentary Film about Playground Kosova Tour 2006

with Ivana, Conni, Sanja, Fuzz Bubble Crew, Valon, Neta & Sevdje, Orest and more



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Our compilations are sold out, but as it looks like there are still people interested we produced some more !




Boygroup Cover

music mp3
scorpios day lover303
zucken sonnenvacuum
odeyavo bosnian,roma albaniankids singing together

stories mp3:
shutka Peje aboutNato serbian village

2a) Holidays in Kosovo (2 CDs )
Music and Interviews
The playground is travelling to Mazedonia and to Kosov@ to work in childrencamps, doing parties, and experience some adventures..

with Lover 303,Lava 303, Michael Kohlbecker,Sonnenvacuum, Stefan Ludley, Substanz T,Mushroom, Mani Neumeier, Nova Drive,Elektrohändler, Human Brain Shaker,Ging Dubby, Scott Fair, , Mescla,Casey Cooper Johnson,Liz Shropshire...




Acid Rock n Roll Cover

story mp3
the day the police came
hey venus

2b) Be you own live act
Documentary about first Playground Tour in 99
The Playground Collective is leaving their community Michael Barrax in Frankfurt to travel to Hungary&Croatia .
Compilation of Electronic Music, Drum Sessions, Interviews, Solar eclipse, o-sounds from films.




Cybertribe Party Foto auf Mandala

mp3 elektra


2c)Lover 303 Modern Fairytales
Yeah, there are still some original CDs left!!!

10 Sessions with Lava 303 and Master of the Drums Mani Neumeier from Guru Guru
Samples from first Kosov@ Trip and old Europa children records recorded and mixed at the Krupps studio in Düsseldorf.
Booklet with texts and poems of Conni& Wolfgang Sterneck, crazy Fairytale Poster!

Sold out!






Lava 303: Muschipower!

(Hey Venus, Tempelfest Lava303live from Radio X)

legendary! Modern Dancemusic with E-Guitar naked woman with horns on the cover and angry text about Party and Politics inside of the bookle.
inspired by LSDh: Left sisters of hedonism.
compiled by KomistA, coproduction with Psylofant

The Slags



The Slags
Run Free

Our Ladies Rock Band Revival!
Back too the roots...


11 songs: fresh, mature and easy going…
Psychedelic Soulpunk: wild, melancholy, and also dramatic.
Spiced by dildo sounds, wale-guitarsounds, psychosounds and viola. Like well aged wine, finally brought up from the cellar that spreads deliciously from head to toe.

6.Frankfurter Berg      
Der Berg groovt    

auf der Suche nach Wahrheit 






crazy band&jamproject from our community on Frankfurter Berg, some escaping to Canarian Islands from while to while..